Real-Time Raytracing

This raytracing project was my first experience with DirectX12, DirectX Raytracing, and raytracing in general. I made this during my master studies.

Hel's Hatred (Unity)

Hel's Hatred is a small hack and slash game we made in a team consisting of 1 artist and 4 programmers.

Spyro Demo inside DAE Engine (3D)

This Spyro demo game was made in the 3D game engine from DAE called Overlord.

AI inside DAE Engine (2D AI)

The AI in this demo was designed to loot houses and fight zombies.

Donkey Kong Country inside DAE Engine (2D Games)

This was the first game I made during my studies at DAE. It was made in the 2D Game Engine from DAE

Other Work

Smaller work like 3D modeling, ...